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Remote Audit Ltd is a company that offers bespoke security, monitoring and staff resourcing solutions to the retail and hospitality sector.  

Historically RA have been involved in staff fraud detection investigation in the hospitality industry but over the past five years have expanded our Portfolio to include, but not limited to-EPOS, Investigation Services, Staff Performance Management, Human Resources, Secure Data Storage and a range of other more discreet services.

Our EPOS Management service proved a natural progression on our initial primary focus of fraud prevention.  Instead of waiting for a client to discover a problem, which more often than not meant they were already losing large sums of money or stock we started offering a more pro-active monitoring service where we would offer remote surveillance of a company’s premises with a primary focus on the Counter location where the Till etc was located. This proved to be an extremely effective service and where we uncovered a large number of issues of various types of ‘theft’. This included under-ringing, freebies and outright cash theft.

A natural and necessary progression upon discovering such issues is the investigation side of the company.  Without sufficient proof you simply cannot take the appropriate steps to remove the problematic member of staff.  Our Lead Investigator has over 20 years experience in the Private Sector and prior to that was involved in the Police and his attention to detail is second to none.  With over 390 investigations conducted to date we have never failed to get an admission of guilt and subsequent removal of the problem employee.

We began to notice that through liaising with customers on more serious matters that an increasing number were also unhappy when we raised what we perceived to be more ‘minor’ issues.  Poor customer service, lack of adherence to Company policies and procedures, we began to expand into what we termed Staff Performance Reporting.  In this instance we would sporadically monitor different staff members, having previously agreed them with the employer, and would provide a detailed report of their actions at the end of each reporting day. Some examples discovered more recently was a Cashier watching a movie whilst he served customers at a busy supermarket.

Being aware that we are now operating in an increasingly litigious society and always looking to improve our value offering to clients we enlisted the help of a Human Resources Director.  This meant that not only would they advise on the most efficient and effective practices for our Lead Investigator but they would also handle any disciplinary or sackings that arose out of our services.  This allowed our Client to enjoy a much more hands off approach and did not have to deal with the often unpleasant situations that can arise when problems are detected and dealt with.

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