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  • On employing Remote Audit to conduct an investigation to detect staff fraud, we were devastated to learn that one of our senior and most trusted members of staff was caught stealing. During the ensuing interview she admitted to theft totalling £24,000 over a period of 2 years, she had been employed with us for ten years. This whole awful affair was brought to an amicable conclusion by Remote Audit, which included the dismissal of the offender. It is so reassuring to know that Remote Audit are supporting us in dealing with any future problems of this nature.

    Frank Hagan NISA Newry
  • I have been in business for 25 years in the retail sector. On discovering my business was not performing as well as it should have been I got Remote Audit to conduct an investigation into staff theft. This resulted in 4 key members of my staff found to be conducting fraudulent transaction whilst working at the tills, these members were dealt with accordingly. After implementing new cash handling and till procedures given to me by Remote Audit, my business achieved 2% more the following year which is worth to me £25,000 per year.

    Martin O'Higgins Spar Castlewellan

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