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Here at Remote Audit our systems provide theft protection and reduce product loss by offering a virtual management presence. Recently we have updated our services and introduced our latest software and cutting edge technology which can send you critical/suspicious transactions such as voids, refunds, no sales, items corrects, non scans as they occur. At the same time they provide up to ten snap-shots of the event showing you who done it, when they done it and hopefully helps you explain why they done it. Not only that but the audit criteria is completely customizable to ensure that it suits the business owners/operators needs specifically, we can provide you with vital information such as forensic investigations, footfall, door triggers and employee behaviour in a timely manner and without searching through hours of footage. It is this service that keeps you the retailer on top of your business.

Our dedication to service is equalled only by our success. Remote Audits team collectively have been responsible for highlighting over £4,000,000 of internal fraud over the last 30 years. We are the UK's leading Loss Prevention Specialists.

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